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Review from Sam Oglesby

I am an 80 year-old who began weekly lessons with Ommurti about six months ago. What motivated me to take lessons was my interest in dealing with the aging process - decreased mobility, stiffness and balance issues - as well as arthritis.

The lessons from Ommurti have given me a new lease on life. I feel more energized and flexible as a result of the lessons. Also important is that we have developed a program - about an hour long - which I can now practice on my own without a teacher. This allows me to practice my yoga routine in my home at my convenience. I generally practice 4 to 5 times a week. Continued lessons with Ommurti help me fine-tune the practice and revise and refine some of the poses.

Ommurti is a very knowledgeable and experienced yoga teacher. She is also patient and understanding of my special needs and has designed a yoga program for me that fits what I am capable of doing. Ommurti is also very knowledgeable about health and what I I can do to improve my quality of life. She has made a number of suggestions which have improved the way I feel.

I highly recommend Ommurti as a yoga teacher who has increased my self-awareness of my condition and what I can do to stay fit and improve my physical and mental well-being.

Sam Oglesby - Bronx, New York - April 2019

Om Namo Narayanaya!

I have had the privilege of knowing, practicing, and learning with Ommurti for a few years now. I know her to be a beautiful person inside & out with a great deal of experience and passion for the Yogic Life. She assisted the Yoga Teaching Training Course I attended at Sivananda Yoga Ranch in NY & I found her to be sincere, kind, nurturing, friendly, a fabulous teacher and always strengthening her own practice with study as well. I highly recommend classes with Ommurti. Om Namah Sivaya!!!

Nitya - Yogi, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master -

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  1. I studied with Ommurti while she’s on her assignment in Sivananda Yoga in NYC two summers ago, and she’s the BEST teacher! With her patience and caring, her teaching had brought me back to practice Yoga and started meditation. What she had modeled was to be gentle and respectful to my our bodies and minds and it’s an awakening call to start focusing on my own physical and mental health.
    Ommurti chanted so beautifully in the class, though I can’t recite the chants, I still enjoyed those peaceful moments in her chants during our class practice.
    Who wouldn’t want to study with a teacher who is not only knowledgeable in her field but also compassionate, kind and loving?

  2. It was a privilege and honor to have an opportunity to take two yoga courses with Ommurti in Summer 2015. She is the best Yoga teacher out there. She was very patience and kind. What differentiate her from other instructors is her passion and kindness. She makes Yoga fun for me. Ommurti elicited just what needs to unfold from every individual. She is awesome!!! She is very passionate about her work.

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